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Period Cup and Bag Size 2

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  • Heavy flow
  • Suggested for post child-birth
  • Up to 6 Hours Protection
  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • Easy to wash and reuse
  • Alternative to Disposable Tampons

The reusable alternative to disposable tampons, our NORA menstrual cup lasts for up to three years, cycle after cycle.

This period cup is crafted from soft and flexible medical-grade silicone and is chemical-free with no nasties. Designed to be worn just like a tampon and provides up to six hours of hassle-free protection.

Available in a Size 2, the ideal menstrual cup for heavy flow and comes with its own drawstring bag for storage when on the go. This handy bag features our fun, patterned Latte design to add some joy to your day.

The size 2 period cup is suggested for use post child birth.

Rinse. Place the stem down in a microwavable container.

Fill with water and ensure the cup is submerged. Leave uncovered and heat in the microwave at 750 watts for 5 minutes.

Alternatively, rinse then sterilise by placing submerged in a saucepan of boiling water for 7 minutes.

Made from USP CLASS VI medical silicone – the same material as a pacemaker.

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Let's get technical

• The reusable alternative to disposable tampons
• Provides up to 6 hours of hassle-free protection
• Simply better for the planet and better for you

Silicone is well tested over many years in menstrual cups usage and has a high biocompatibility rating for use inside the human body, it is also very durable.


Top 3 Period Cup questions

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Wash your hands. Fold the NORA Cup in half so that it looks like a ‘C’ and hold it in one hand.*

Gently put the cup into your vagina with the stem pointing downwards until the rim sits just below your cervix.

Rotate a few times then release to create an airtight seal.

To remove, lightly pinch the bottom of the cup (not the stem) until the airtight seal is broken, and then remove.

Pop the blood down the toilet. Rinse and reuse.

*If the C shape doesn’t work for you then you might find you’re more suited to the Triangle or Punch Down shape

Size 1 - Light to normal flow: It's equivalent to 2 x regular disposable tampons or 1 regular disposable pad.

Length: 74 mm; Diameter: 41 mm;

Capacity: 20.2 ml

Suggested for before having children

Size 2 - Heavy flow:

It's like 3 x heavy/super disposable tampons or 1 x heavy pad.

Length: 74 mm; Diameter: 46 mm;

Capacity: 29.5 ml

Suggested for post child-birth

The NORA Period Cup does not alter vaginal secretions, so you can safely wear it throughout your period, whether your flow is light or heavy.

The NORA Period Cup is reusable for day and night use, and suitable for leisure, physical activities or even travel.