Wild Swimming with the NORA Period Cup

Wild Swimming with the NORA Period Cup

Meet the NORA Period Cup, the reusable alternative to tampons that lasts for up to three years, your new best friend when it comes to swimming whilst on your period.

Hand holding a menstrual cup with sand and ocean in the background

It is an urban myth that you can't go swimming on your period, it has been proven that is highly unlikely you will catch any infections whilst swimming, and that in fact light exercise whilst your on your period can actually help ease PMS symptoms.

The NORA Period Cup is made from soft and flexible medical grade silicone and designed to be worn just like a tampon, providing up to six hours of hassle-free protection.

We wanted to share our top tips for wild swimming, to help you enjoy the great outdoors (even whilst on your period!)


1. Research safe swim spots in your area, or the area you are exploring.

Research is key when it comes to wild swimming, it's important to thoroughly research the tide times, weather conditions, currents and whether the water itself is safe to swim in. Apps like Windy and Surfers Against Sewage are fantastic resources for this, as well as good old google to read through other peoples recommendations or local wild swimming groups. Devon, Cornwall and the Lake District are well known for wild swimming and good places to start if you're planning a trip to include wild swim spots.


2. Pack your swim bag like a pro.

Make sure you have the essentials with you. Dependent on the time of year, you will need appropriate clothing to put on after your swim, a drink (hot or cold dependent on the weather),a towel or dry robe, a tow float is recommended especially if your swimming alone for safety so you can be spotted in the water. A pair of wet suit boots are also handy to have especially if the area your swimming in is particularly rocky and hard on the feet (as well as keeping your feet warm!)


3. Go with friends or let someone know when you swim.

Wild swimming with friends is wonderful, not just for the social element but also because of safety in numbers. However, we know a solo swim is also a popular activity. If you are solo wild swimming, make sure you let a friend, family member or loved one know where your going - if you're venturing somewhere quite isolated it's reassuring to know that someone knows where you are.


4.  If you are a beginner, start slowly.

If you're new to wild swimming, it's important to take it slowly, and make sure you are wearing a swimming costume or wetsuit that will help keep you warm as you transition into wild swimming. The adjustment to cold water swimming takes time so it's important to take it nice and slow, not stay in too long and just increase your swims as you feel comfortable. Wetsuits, wetsuit gloves and boots are amazing if your starting wild swimming over the colder months as they help take the edge off that cold cold water!


5. Don't let your period stop you!

Whilst we may not always feel like doing things on our period, if you do feel able to do the things you love, your period shouldn't stop you. The NORA period cup is perfect for keeping you protected from any leaks and allowing you to live your best life as normal.