Why use reusable panty liners

Why use reusable panty liners


The panty liner, a versatile little pad that is as commonly used for periods as it is for working out or bladder leaks, but have you considered a reusable panty liner? It's not unusual for people to use a panty liner every day, but this creates a lot of waste so let us introduce you to the reusable Nora liner. Stay dry and very discreet, it's an eco-friendly alternative to disposable panty liners that will help you cut your waste and protect the planet whilst protecting your pants at the same time.

Reusable panty liners are a great back up for those of you using tampons or cups during your period. They will provide a little extra protection and peace of mind if you’re worried about leaks, and if you don’t leak then you’ve not tossed another un-soiled liner into the bin, just pop it in the wash and reuse again and again. A lot of people will wear a liner on the last few days of their period too so always having some in your period stash is wise and by swapping the disposables for reusables you’ll never run out, crossing one thing off your shopping list for good!

Another common use for liners is for leaks. Leaks are extremely common, especially after giving birth and nothing to be embarrassed about.

Working out? Take a NORA liner along, combating sweat and removing any sign of camel toe while you lunge, squat, and run your way through your fitness plan. The core absorbs any wetness and the stay-dry top stops you from feeling sweaty so you can push it to the next level. Unlike disposable liners, NORA liners won't trap heat or make you extra sweaty they way that plastic pads can, the unique stay dry fabric top layer is breathable and comfortable, even in the hottest situations.

Our last recommended use for liners is for dealing with discharge. It’s something that’s perfectly normal and can vary in colour, smell and amount depending on where you are in your cycle. Consider reusable panty liners as they will work wonders at stopping vaginal discharge staining your pants and ensure you don’t feel sticky or wet either.

Small but dainty, our NORA reusable liners are here to protect you and the environment. Just pop one in your knickers and jump, run, laugh, and sneeze to your heart's content knowing NORA will absorb any indiscretions. Made from soft fabrics you will feel comfortable even if you wear one every day, and what’s more all of our reusable period products are made using recycled plastic so you’ll be reducing your waste even more by switching to reusables. Take a look at our reusable liners and never run out or get caught short again, and don't forget that for heavier challenges or that time of the month, our reusable sanitary pads have you covered too.