What are Period Pants and how can they make my life better?

What are Period Pants and how can they make my life better?

Life Before Period Pants

Having your period is a hassle. We can’t deny it. Whether you’re new to periods or peri-menopausal, chances are it’s come at an inconvenient time at least once. You might have felt a twinge of panic when you’ve been away from home and realise you are not prepared for this. Mother Nature sure does have a sense of humour and sometimes she likes a laugh when we’re stuck on a train miles from anywhere.

How can Period Pants help?

The beauty of period pants is that they can be used like ordinary pants. So, around the time your period’s due, you can pop a pair on like normal undies and you won’t be caught short. They’re super-comfortable, not bulky and don’t look any different to non period pants.

How do Period Pants work?

NORA period pants have a waterproof layer with moisture-wicking technology for leakproof protection. NORA Period pants also have a clever layered design which is super absorbent – our ‘heavy’ size holds the equivalent amount of menstrual blood to 10 heavy/super tampons or 3 heavy pads.

Do Period Pants smell?

We hear you – you’re sold on the convenience of period pants but won’t they…smell? The good news is that smell generally comes from a build-up of bacteria. So, provided you wear them for the recommended amount of time and give them a quick rinse in cold water after use, your period pants shouldn’t smell.

How much will it cost to switch to Period Pants?

The initial cost of reusable period pants might be higher, but if you care for them and wash them according to instructions, they’ll last for years. If you use disposables, you’re in line to spend about £128 per YEAR on throw-away tampons and pads.


We know you’re sold by now – what’s not to love?! But if you need an extra nudge, here are some more bonuses to using NORA period pants:

  • They’re much more environmentally friendly. Disposable tampons, pads and panty liners result in more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, which can take centuries to biodegrade.
  • They won’t irritate you like disposables can. Our NORA period pants are OEKO-TEX® Class II certified, which basically means they contain no nasty chemicals. Win!


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