Using reusable sanitary pads for bleeding after birth

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Make bleeding after birth that bit easier to deal with reusable period pads, you deserve it. After all you've just pushed a tiny human out of your body. Post birth, down below might be in a bit of a state of disarray and on top of that you have to deal with bleeding for the next 4-6 weeks! Nora to the rescue, with supersoft comfy fabrics and 5 different sizes to cope with your different flow levels, they are especially kind to you, your wallet and the environment. Here’s what you need to know:

Everyone bleeds after they give birth and it is completely normal. This bleeding after birth is known as lochia and it can last for a while as your womb replaces it’s lining after you’ve given birth. Be prepared, it can last for 4-6 weeks. If your lochia lasts longer than six weeks, don’t worry, that’s normal too. It will start off heavy and red/browny red gradually becoming lighter in colour and flow over time.

Lots of things can affect the amount of blood loss during this time, breastfeeding makes your body release oxytocin which causes your womb to contract and produce lochia. Any sort of gentle exercise – even a quick vacuum of the lounge – could also make your bleeding after birth heavier. This is especially true in the first two weeks. Bleeding will tend to be heavier in the morning too. You may find you’ll need a bigger pad in the morning and move onto a smaller pad later on in the day.

Why Reusable pads are your best friend when bleeding after birth

  • Single use pads are flimsy, reusable pads aren’t. The soft fabrics and extra padding will help soothe a sore perineum and if you are climbing the wall with painful haemorrhoids, storing your unused pads in a sealed bag and keeping them in the fridge before use will give a bit of cool relief too.
  • Single use pads have sticky wings - Reusable pads don't – The last thing you want to worry about is a pad sticking to you, especially if you have stitches!
  • Single use pads may contain irritants - Reusable sanitary pads don't and are much kinder to your skin.
  • Reusable sanitary pads are more absorbent than single use pads and will deal with a sudden gush much more effectively.
  • You’ll never run out, no last minute runs to the shops. Just wash and reuse.
  • They’ll save you throwing away 168 single use pads to landfill and can be reused for the next 10 years! That’s blooming brilliant!

You’ll need:

  • 3 heavy or maxi period pads for use after giving birth to cope with the heavy flow. They can then be used overnight during a normal period.
  • 6 moderate pads for medium flow
  • 4 light pads for light flow
  • Waterproof bag to store soiled pads

This will be enough if you wash your pads every second day. Wash them on a 40 degree cycle with your normal laundry. Don't use fabric softener, it could irritate your skin and also reduces the pads absorbency.

If you would like to find out more about using reusable period pads for bleeding after birth, get in touch hello@livebynora or click here to view our range of reusable period pads.