Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with Reusable Sanitary Pads made from plastic waste.

plastic bottle waste floating in clear blue waters with sandy seabed

It’s bottles up at Bloom and Nora this month as our reusable sanitary pads just became even more eco-friendly. We are absolutely delighted to announce that we are the first brand in the UK to make reusable sanitary pads out of plastic bottles. There will be on average 2 bottles diverted from landfill with every Bloom and Nora trial kit… and with ever-growing concern for the environment, and as the war on plastic gathers momentum, this is great news for eco-conscious customers who want to minimize their environmental impact; it’s now possible to reduce, reuse and recycle, one pad at a time.

The waterproof layer (the essential part that prevents leaks) is made from super-soft recycled polyester yarn derived from post-consumer plastic bottle waste. The reusable period pads are OEKO-TEX® Class II certified, which means that there are no irritating chemicals or residues present and is the highest safety certification for garments worn next to skin.

It’s all go with Bloom and Nora and we are giving people with periods an even better reason to choose reusable sanitary pads over throwaways now. With over 10 million tampons/pads being thrown away every day, if even half of the people with periods switch to reusables, that would be a whole lot of plastic bottles and period waste being diverted from landfill. We have already started phasing in the new recycled fabric and hope to have made the complete switch over by October this year.

Since the brand launch 3 years ago we have seen a stepped increase in customers opting for reusable sanitary pads as their preferred choice; concerns about the environment, chemicals in disposables and guilt about over-consumption are behind this. The more the merrier we think too, Bloom and Nora reusable sanitary pads are not the awful rags and sanitary belts of days gone by either; as well as being totally beautiful, they are made with the best quality technical fabrics and are designed to perform brilliantly. They come in different sizes to suit all shapes and flows and are so much easier to use than everyone first fears. People are always amazed at how well they work, how comfortable they are and how easy they are to wash. As single-use plastic becomes more and more unpopular, this is a trend that will continue to grow too, especially once the news that in addition to diverting 20 single-use tampons/pads from landfill each month, it’s now possible to divert and reuse plastic bottle waste destined for landfill too, one period change at a time.

Editors note:  This article was originally posted on Bloom & Nora on 30th August 2019.  It was a great article so we decided to bring it across to NORA.  We hope it helps to inform people!