NORA Period Pants - A style for every flow

NORA Period Pants - A style for every flow

So you've made the decision to start exploring the world of reusable period pants - you won't regret it, welcome to comfortable periods! However, you may be wondering, which style should I go for?

In the NORA range, we have three different styles: Bikini, Shorts and Full Brief, available from light to heavy flow. We're going to give you a run through of each of the styles to help you pick the perfect period pants for you, because we know not one style fits all.


The Bikini style is a classic pant style in general, so if this is your usual underwear of choice, you're going to love the period pant version! The bikini style is available for light and moderate flows, perfect for everyday wear and made with organic cotton with a touch of elastane for extra comfort. Our bikini style is available in black or in latte print.



The comfortable cut of our shorts offers fuller coverage, which we know a lot of you love which is exactly why we made them! Our Shorts are available in black or latte print, the Shorts cover every flow; light, moderate and heavy. 



Our Full Briefs are for all of our high-waisted lovers, keeping you comfortable and supported even when suffering with period bloating. Available in Moderate and Heavy absorbency, the full briefs are perfect for day or night and have got even the heaviest of flows covered, with our Heavy absorbency holding the equivalent to 10 super tampons worth of blood.

So now you've met the NORA period pants, we hope you feel more confident in picking your pair! Whilst period pants serve the purpose of absorbing period blood, they wear and feel exactly like your standard underwear, except they have the padding area in the gusset. If you're new to reusable period pants we'd recommend going for a pair that are most similar to the underwear style you normally wear.

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