Mums choosing reusable pads post-partum

Mum lying on a white bed cuddling her baby


Emma brought her beautiful little girl Martha into our studio for a TotsBots photoshoot, and during our time together we soon found out she is also a Bloom & Nora fan so we just had to find out more about why she decided to use reusable pads post-partum and for her period.

It’s often the case that mums choose Bloom & Nora post-child birth after using reusable nappies for their babies, but for Emma she started using reusable period products before she fell pregnant because they had no toxic chemicals and she wanted to make more environmentally friendly choices to reduce her waste. Now, her decision to use reusables is benefitting her, and the world Martha will grow up in.


Why did you choose to use reusables?

Prior to falling pregnant I used a menstrual cup. I had started using reusables for environmental reasons so when I knew I was going to need something post-partum, it made sense to use reusable pads too.

We whole-heartedly agree with Emma there, post partum bleeding can last up to 6 weeks so by opting for reusables she has saved quite a bit of waste going to landfill. It’s also worth pointing out that once you’ve had a baby, your cup may not fit quite as well as it used to so if you want to keep having an eco friendly period after your baby is here, it’s worth having a few reusable pads to try.

What do you love about Bloom & Nora?

I absolutely love all the prints, but Flirt is my favourite. The fit of Bloom & Nora is much better compared to other brands that I have tried too.


Did you have any reservations to switching to reusables?

No, no reservations, I just wish I had started using when I was younger as they are more discreet and there’s no rustle.

How do you store yours?

I have a wet pad bag that I use to store them in, and when they are ready to go in the wash, I pop them in with Martha’s cloth nappies

Do you use them out and about?

Yes, I like using them when I’m out because it means I don’t have to go near any of the public bins in the toilets. – Second that, no one wants to go near those bins. Reusable pads are more absorbent than disposables too so you’ll find you won’t need to change as often so panic hunting for a toilet when you’re on the move.

How do you find reusables v disposables?

Reusable sanitary pads are much more comfortable. They stay in place all day, and I’ve never had an issue with leaks. The knowledge that there is no bleach or harmful chemicals in them is reassuring.

Did you worry about them being bulky or people seeing them?

I was slightly concerned that they would be quite thick but once I got to hold one, I quickly realised there wasn’t going to be an issue, they are very discreet.

We are happy to report, based on feedback from one of our keen padvoactes, that Bloom and Nora are so discreet they are safe to used when pole dancing of all things!


What do your friends / family think?

My sister also uses reusable pads as does my cousin. We are slowly but surely converting our friends too and we now have a few friends within our group who are also using reusables. One of my friends is expecting and she has asked for some reusable pads as a baby gift to use post-partum.

Do you have any advice for other mums who are considering reusable pads?

In the first few weeks after giving birth you want to be as comfortable as possible and the most comfortable option for any bleeding is definitely reusable pads.

Any top tips on using reusables?

Invest in a cute wet & dry bag and then you won’t be embarrassed to take it to the toilet with you.

Reusable pads really can make a difference to your comfort post-partum and cut down your waste long-term. We would recommend Maxi or Mighty pads, they are the most absorbent and are a little longer than the smaller pads to give you some extra protection and peace of mind. For lighter flows or just extra protection if you're not sure if you're on or not, try our reusable panty liners instead.

Emma is one mum making small changes for her daughter’s future and for the environment, and you can too. By switching to reusable pads you could stop 12,000 single use products going to landfill in your lifetime. We hear the phrase ‘I wish I tried them sooner’ quite regularly when we speak to our new converts. For so long periods have been something to be embarrassed by and reusables have been seen as a hippy thing. But finally the tide is turning and it’s thanks to people like Emma, her sister and her cousin who are quashing the stigma and reassuring friends and family that reusables are the way forward. Try a trial pack today and have your next cycle in style.

Editors note:  This article was originally posted on Bloom & Nora on 30th August 2019.  It was a great article so we decided to bring it across to NORA.  We hope it helps inform and help!