Have a sustainable Black Friday with NORA

Have a sustainable Black Friday with NORA

Black Friday is one of the biggest events of the year in the retail industry, known for panic buying and unbelievable bargains, it brings with it a sense of urgency to spend. Here at NORA, we want to encourage shopping consciously and with a purpose this Black Friday.

Statistics show that the average shopper spent £275 on Black Friday last year, with an estimated 5 million spent in the UK alone.

Whilst Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to grab a bargain if it’s something you actually need or want, there can be the risk of buying something purely because it is a ‘bargain’.

NORA was created to help eliminate the amount of waste sent to landfill, people and the planet come first for us. This Black Friday we’re giving our promotion a real purpose and have decided to offer ‘3 for 2’ across all of our reusable period wear.



We’ve got an amazing range of reusable period products to treat yourself to this Black Friday, whether you’re starting your sustainable journey or simply topping up your reusable collection, our 3 for 2 offer is the perfect time to shop!


Period Pants

Made with 95% organic cotton with a touch of elastane for extra stretch, NORA Period Pants have got you covered, from Light to Heavy flow.

Our period pants come in three different styles; Bikini, Shorts & Full Brief, in either Black or Latte print, because we know there's not one style that fits all when it comes to period pants.


Period Pads

Part made with recycled plastic; our reusable period pads are the perfect alternative to the standard disposable pad. The slimline design of NORA pads contour to shape to fit your body for comfortable wear, and are available in liner,light,moderate, heavy and maxi, to cover every flow. Designed to last for around ten years, or about 150 washes, these reusable and washable period pads will help turn your cycle full circle.


Period Cups

Our period cups are the reusable alternative to tampons. They reduce the amount of single-use period products going to landfill. They are made from 100% medical grade silicone without any added chemicals, providing up to 6 hours of hassle-free protection.


With our ‘3 for 2’ offer, you can purchase ethically made reusable period wear this Black Friday, shop over at livebynora.com.