Free Reusable Period Pads In Schools

Free Reusable Period Pads In Schools

Free Eco-Friendly Period Pads in Schools

Free period products, including eco-friendly reusable pad brand NORA are now available to all schools and colleges in England, as the Department for Education launches its funded scheme.

The scheme is set to give pupils easy and free access to period products at school or college, helping to break down stigmas and ensure no young person’s education is disrupted by their period. 

From Thursday 8th September, schools and colleges across the country can order a range of period products from supplier PHS Direct, making period products readily available for all young people when they need them.

Schools and colleges will receive an activation email from PHS which will enable them to access the purpose-built PHS Direct portal and order products for their organisation.


Fiona Smyth, Director at NORA, said

We are absolutely delighted to be supplying the scheme, not only helping to put an end to period poverty but also helping to raise awareness of the waste that disposable period products create. Giving young eco warriors the option to try them for free is the perfect way forwards.

One person can use up to 15,000 products in a lifetime most of which end up in landfill. Considering that they will still be around 500 years from now, it’s really quite alarming. To make matters worse, the ones that don’t end up in landfill, often end up on our beautiful shores. In 2013 the Marine Conservation Society held a beach clean across 96.7km of UK coast-line. They collected 428 tampons and tampon applicators per 4.4km and 1291 sanitary pads, panty liners and backing strips per 13.3km! (Source: Go Real). 


Gemma Abbott, Director of #FreePeriods, said:

Young people have already had so many hours away from the classroom - this scheme is an amazing opportunity for all schools and colleges to ensure that no young person has to miss out on their education for lack of access to period products.

We want to urge every school and college in England to place orders for free period supplies as soon as they can. We’re glad to see the scheme has been extended to the end of the academic year - let’s take the chance to show just how valuable it is, so we can secure its continuation well into the future.


With a product offering that suits everyone, there's a choice of pads and tampons, including environmentally-friendly and reusable products. For more information on how to access these products you can visit - Alternatively, you can call PHS on 01827 255 500 or email  -