Environmenstrual Week - Plastic Free Periods

Environmenstrual Week - Plastic Free Periods

Support Environmenstrual Week with reusable period products

A period without plastic or chemicals near our sensitive parts is a period you can be proud of.

Environmenstrual week is the brainchild of the Women’s Environmental Network, founded in 1988 by pioneers of the environmental movement. They called for a different way of thinking about and acting on environmental issues. The first campaign in 1989 was the first to raise awareness of chlorine bleach - a cancer causing dioxin - found in disposable nappies and sanitary pads. This campaign would lead to their work on breast cancer prevention, treating breast cancer as an environmental, and preventable, diseases encouraging women to make positive choices and take action for a healthier planet. (Extract from WEN Website)

This Environmenstrual Week, we wanted to share the different reusable options that are in the NORA range, to help you feel empowered in your period wear choices, whether that switching out just one disposable for a reusable alternative, or adding a new reusable product to your collection that you haven't tried before.


Reusable Period Pants

NORA period pants work in a similar way to period pads, with a hidden absorbent layer to soak away the blood, and the stay dry layer keeping it tucked away in the core layer to keep you feeling dry all day. You just wash and reuse them. 

Available in three different styles and three different absorbencies to accomadate every flow, NORA period pants are a brilliant reusable alternative to disposables. Made with 95% and a touch of elastane, our period pants are super comfortable, can be worn for 8 hours including overnight, and just all round make periods much easier. 



Reusable Period Pads

NORA reusable period pads work exactly the same way as disposable sanitary pads except you can wash and reuse them. Available in; Liner, Light, Moderate, Heavy and Maxi, our reusable period pads have got all flows covered, as well as being incredibly absorbent, leak-proof and will last you up to 10 years, so you can wave goodbye to the monthly cost of disposables!


Reusable Period Cups

NORA Period Cups are the reusable alternative to tampons, our cups last for up to 3 years. They reduce the amount of single-use period wear going to landfill. They are made from 100% medical grade silicone without any added chemicals.


Period Pad Bag

Our handy travel sized period pad bag is perfect for storing your reusable period pads. A zipped compartment for used and a poppered pocket on the front for fresh makes changing on the go a breeze. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled water bottles this period wear storage bag can be washed and reused cycle after cycle.


So why not begin your reusable period wear journey this Environmental Week? Make the switch to comfier, sustainably sourced reusable period wear created to make your periods leak-proof and cost effective - as well as being kind to the planet.

You can shop the full NORA period wear range here.