Endometriosis: Heavy Period Protection

Woman leaning on bed with period pain, black & white image


Endometriosis is the second most common gynaecological condition, with an estimated 1.5 – 2 million women in the UK are living with debilitating symptoms.

One of the discomforts associated with endometriosis is chronic, heavy and painful periods, often leaving sufferers feeling helpless when it comes to reliable period protection.  With unbearable abdominal pain, tampons are the last product that anyone would want to use as they are uncomfortable and can aggravate an already sensitive area. It’s also been suggested that regular exposure to the chemical concoctions found in tampons can increase the risk of cancer, can cause metabolic changes, and can disrupt the endocrine system, however these toxic chemicals are rarely disclosed by tampon manufacturers.

Sanitary pads are the simplest and most pain-free option if you have endometriosis, however, disposable high street pads are usually unreliable and result in leaks, with some saying that they need to double up on the thickest pad to be sure that they don’t end up with constant seepage, adding further insult to injury. Wearing two pads at the same time cannot be comfortable, right? They are also filled with an array of toxins, including styrene, chlorine and acetone which are things you shouldn’t be in a hurry to put near your vagina!

NORA reusable period pads are super soft, super absorbent and contain no nasty, irritating chemicals. So, if you find that disposable pads don’t quite cut it, or absorb it should we say, when it comes to your menstrual flow then reusables could be your saviour!

Reusable pads come in various sizes to suit any flow, but NORA Heavy and Maxi pads are particularly great for extremely heavy days when you feel like your insides may be falling out! You don’t have to double up on pads, or stress about your period escaping out of your pants.

It’s not just leaks that will be reduced by making the switch to a more absorbent reusable period pad either. Heavy and prolonged bleeding means you can reduce the amount you spend on period products each month, and if your endo symptoms mean that your periods are irregular then you will never be caught short. Buy once, and they can guarantee comfortable and reliable period protections for up to 10 years.

So, don’t compromise on performance or comfort when there is an easy alternative that can help reduce your period woes, especially if you have an additional gynaecological condition like endometriosis. Pick up a NORA Trial Kit and you won’t ever need to buy a disposable pad again: now that's something worth celebrating.