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Welcome to NORA, where No Ordinary Rules Apply.

Curious about our reusable period wear?

Let’s get straight to the good points:
comfortable, no nasties and fewer disposables going into landfills.

NORA period liner and pad kits.  Flatlay of NORA pads, a selection of colours including black, white, green and cream
led by design
21 years experience

With over 21 years of experience in reusable products, NORA was created after we discovered that on average 10 - 15,000 period products are used in a lifetime.

Disposable products often end up in landfill, taking 500 years to decompose.

And, on top of that, the manufacturing processes of these disposable products use chemicals like resins, binders and bleaching agents. 

Taking a leaf out of Einstein’s book, we broke the negative cycle and decided to create a solution for period wear where...

No Ordinary Rules Apply