Period Pads
Future-friendly reusable period pads for periods with no nasties; for people or for the planet! Super-soft and easy-to-use, NORA period pads absorb more than throwaways, cost less per change and have zero harmful chemicals in them.
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How they work

Made in the UK, NORA reusable period pads are designed to last for 8-10 years. They come in 4 sizes and absorbencies and will fit all flows and sizes and the honeycomb stay dry layer keeps wetness away for up to 8 hours.

  • Clever binding construction that guards against leaks
  • Poppered wings for secure fit
  • Slimline & contoured to fit your body
  • Waterproof outer made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
  • Elastic to secure pad when folded
  • Made using OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics so no nasties next to your skin
Choosing and using

Choose the same absorbency level as you would in a disposable. If you are unsure which pad to go for, you could try a discounted trial pack.

Give your new pads a wash on a normal cycle before use.

Place the pad in your pants and fasten the poppers for a secure slim fit.

When you feel it is time to change, remove the pad, give it a quick rinse in cold water and pop straight in the machine, or into a waterproof bag until laundry time.

Wash within 48 hours at 40 or 60, line dry, or tumble cool and you are ready to go again.

Designed & Made in the UK

Our reusable period pads and bags have been made in the UK at our factory in Glasgow since 2016, and we're very excited to share that all our period pants made after August 2023 proudly bear the "MADE in UK" label too. UK production is something we are really passionate about; it means you can be safe in the knowledge that your reusable period pants are not only planet friendly but they are people friendly too. Ethical manufacturing is core to what we do here at NORA and having our own production facility gives us 100% control, and total peace of mind.

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