Menstrual cups
The reusable alternative to tampons, our menstrual cups last for up to 3 years.They reduce the amount of single-use period wear going to landfill. They are made from 100% medical grade silicone without any added chemicals and they provide up to 6 hours of hassle-free protection.
why nora?
Lets get technical

This soft and flexible medical grade silicone period cup is chemical-free with no nasties and designed to be worn just like a tampon but much more comfortable though, you won't notice it once you have it in.

  1. Convenient: Menstrual cups can be worn for longer periods of time than pads and can be used during physical activities like swimming or sports giving you the freedom to do what you want when on your period.
  2. Better for the body: Many people find that menstrual cups are more comfortable to wear and cause fewer irritations than traditional disposable products. The suction seal created by the cup also results in less odour and less exposure to air, which can help reduce bacterial growth and eliminate the risk of toxic shock syndrome.
Choosing and Using a menstrual cup

NORA Reusable Menstrual Cups come in 2 sizes; one for use before having children and one for use after.

Always wash your hands before inserting or removing your cup.

Fold the cup in half, insert into your vagina as you would a tampon and release the cup, it will unfold and sit in place ready to do its job.

When it is time to change (up to 6 hours later, you decide when is best) pull gently on the little stem remove, empty, rinse and re insert.

You can periodically sterilise your NORA reusable menstrual cup by placing submerged in a saucepan of boiling water for 7 minutes.



Wash your hands. Fold the NORA Cup in half so that it looks like a ‘C’ and hold it in one hand.*

Gently put the cup into your vagina with the stem pointing downwards until the rim sits just below your cervix.

Rotate a few times then release to create an airtight seal.

To remove, lightly pinch the bottom of the cup (not the stem) until the airtight seal is broken, and then remove.

Pop the blood down the toilet. Rinse and reuse.

*If the C shape doesn’t work for you then you might find you’re more suited to the Triangle or Punch Down shape

Rinse your period cup thoroughly with clean water. 

Clean your period cup before each insertion and at the end of your period with gentle soap or intimate wash. Never use petroleum products (vaseline), essential oils, corrosive cleaners, perfumed soaps or dish soap to clean your period cup. 

Disinfect your period cup at the end of each cycle by simply plunging it into a pot of boiling water for 7 minutes. Dry your period cup in open air to prevent odours.

After disenfection store in your carry bag until your next cycle.

There is no difference between our menstrual cup and others on the market.

 Ours is produced with the highest medical grade, bio compatible silicone by a pharmaceutical supplier within the EU.

• Size 1 - Light to moderate flow: Length: 74 mm; Diameter: 41 mm; Capacity: 20.2ml. Suggested for before having children

• Size 2 - Heavy flow: Length: 74 mm; Diameter: 46 mm; Capacity: 29.5ml. Suggested for post childbirth