Planet Friendly
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In 2001 Fiona Smyth, our co-founder had just become a mum for the second time to her daughter Maia, and with growing concerns about the toxins and waste associated with single-use nappies, she was inspired to set up reusable nappy brand TotsBots. Fifteen years later, Fiona's daughter once again inspired her to create a new range of UK-made, ethically produced, and eco-friendly period products NORA, and with the same aims too: to protect health and prevent waste.

Reusable period pads | Period pants | Menstrual cups.

People Friendly
Motived by the Planet and Led by Design.

With over 21 years experience in manufacturing reusables, her team put everything they learned into design a range of products with comfort and performance at the forefront, to make single use periods a thing of the past.

Disposable products often end up in landfill, taking 500 years to decompose.

The majority of NORA products are made in our own factory in Glasgow. Even better for the planet as we're skipping the part where your pads are shipped from thousands of miles away; racking up air miles and leaving a massive carbon footprint! lt also means you can be 100% confident that your products are ethically made.

NORA products can last for up to 10 years diverting thousands of pads and tampons from landfill.

Period Friendly
Your period, you decide.

Designed to out perform disposables, reduce single use plastic, save you money and keep nasty chemicals away from your skin.

Pads, Pants or Cups. Either way, NORA has you covered.