from Bloom & Nora to NORA
We've switched things up

Building on Bloom & Nora's 20+ years of experience in reusable period products, we've bloomed to NORA.

We make reusable period products for people who want their periods to be chemical-free and future-friendly. Whilst we have improved the design of our pads and created a wider product range, you can be assured that we have kept the great absorbency performance that our Bloom & Nora customers have come to trust and importantly, they all continue to be made in the UK.

Whats new for nora?

We're really excited to introduce our new range of period pants and menstrual cups.

In 2001, co-founder Fiona Smyth - was inspired by her then baby daughter, Maia (left) to start her own business, TotsBots Reusable Nappies. Fifteen years later, with similar concerns about the toxins and waste associated with single use period products her daughter inspired her once again and she created a new range of UK made, ethically produced, eco friendly period products with the same aim; to protect health and prevent waste.

Reusable period pads. Period pants. Menstrual cups.

It's all in the clever tech

NORA period pants have a hidden absorbent layer to soak away the blood. The stay dry layer keeps it locked away in the corelayer to keep you feeling dry all day or night.

Our wearer trial feedback was unanimous with all the testers saying they were happy to wear overnight and for long periods of time, even during their heaviest flow.

nora period cups
  • The reusable alternative to disposable tampons
  • Provides up to 6 hours of hassle-free protection
  • Simply better for the planet and better for you

Silicone is well tested over many years in menstrual cups usage and has a high biocompatibility rating for use inside the human body, it is also very durable.

NORA Period Pads
  • Clever binding construction that guards against leaks
  • Poppered wings for secure fit
  • Slimline & contoured to fit your body
  • Waterproof outer made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
  • Elastic to secure pad when folded
  • Made using OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics so no nasties next to your skin


We'd recommend you try the NORA light reusable pad available in 4 different colours. We've created these reusable menstrual pads with a slimline and contoured shape to fit your body for comfortable wear.

Midi = Moderate in our NORA reusable pads so go for the Moderate Reusable Pad which features the trusted popper fastenings you'll know from Bloom & Nora.

Our Heavy reusable pads are perfect for you. They hold up to seven times more blood than a disposable tampon whilst maintaining a slimline, contoured fit so you feel comfortable.

Menstrual cups overall collect twice as much blood as a tampon or period pad so you can have up to 6 hours protection without having to change/empty it. They can be worn in conjunction with your pad to offer added protection and peace of mind during your heavy days.

Period pants give you an alternative to pads during your cycle. Somedays you may like the comfort of a fitted pair of period pants. Simply put period pants are specially designed to be worn during your period without the need for a tampon or pad. They look and feel just like your regular underwear but they have a hidden slimline absorbent core with a stay dry top layer next to your skin. No more up to your armpit bum huggers either, they come in a whole range of styles to fit all shapes, flows and sizes. 

Designed & Made in the UK

Our reusable period pads and bags have been made in the UK at our factory in Glasgow since 2016, and we're very excited to share that all our period pants made after August 2023 proudly bear the "MADE in UK" label too. UK production is something we are really passionate about; it means you can be safe in the knowledge that your reusable period pants are not only planet friendly but they are people friendly too. Ethical manufacturing is core to what we do here at NORA and having our own production facility gives us 100% control, and total peace of mind.

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