Your Ultimate Holiday Guide: Travelling with reusable period wear

Your Ultimate Holiday Guide: Travelling with reusable period wear

Sun, sea ...and sanitary pads.

It's not the first thing that springs to mind when you're getting ready for your holidays, but we're here to tell you it pays to be prepared for your period!

Jumping on a plane and realising your period's decided to come early is a holiday buzz-kill, so we're letting you in on a secret - reusable period wear is your holiday saviour! Here's why:

Packing Light and Right

  • Ditch bulky disposable packs and boxes taking up precious luggage space
  • Reusable period wear is compact and lightweight, allowing you to pack efficiently
  • Stress less about how many tampons or pads you'll need; just pack your handy reusable pads and pants.

Period freedom

  • No more midnight dashes to the late-night chemist in unfamiliar places. With reusable period wear, you're always prepared, regardless of where you've landed.
  • Say goodbye to hoping there's a bin in the toilets; just rinse and store your reusables in a wet bag until you can clean them
  • Dive into activities like swimming and exploring without worrying about leaks or discomfort.

Eco-friendly periods

  • Make a positive impact on the environment by reducing waste. With reusable period wear, you're actively contributing to a greener future.
  • Wave goodbye to adding to overflowing landfills with single-use products.

Budget-Friendly Bliss

  • Reusable period wear saves you money in the long run. Use that extra cash for cool excursions or that extra round of pintxos
  • Don't worry about allocating any spending money on buying disposable products repeatedly during your trip.

Taking reusable period wear with you on holiday means you can enjoy an eco-friendly adventure without worrying about your period. You can pack light and save money while exploring the world!

With reusable period wear, your period won't stop you from having the time of your life on holiday because NORA reusable period wear has got you covered. Bon voyage and happy travels!

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