Which is better: Pads or Liners?

Which is better: Pads or Liners?


For most people entering into adolescence, period pads are the usual go to when it comes to buying your first period products, but it can be hard to know what your flow is like, how regular your periods are going to be and what period product will work best for you, especially when it comes to deciding on which is better; pads or liners? Here are some questions and answers to help you decide:


What's the difference between period pads and liners?

 Period pads are typically used for periods, as they are created to absorb period blood to protect you from leaks onto your clothing. Depending on your flow; the number of pads you use will be determined by the absorbency level of the pads, for example, if you have a lighter flow, you would go for period pads that absorb a lighter amount of blood. Liners can also be used for periods too though, especially if you have a light flow or are at the end/beginning of your cycle. Period liners are also used to absorb daily discharge or as a back up emergency for an unannounced period (we've all been there!) especially if you find you are irregular at first.


Which one should I choose?

Period pads and liners are similar in how they work, but period liners work best for spotting, period discharge and light days, whereas period pads work best during the full flow of your monthly cycle.

 It can also be a case of what would work best for you on the day, wearing a period pad everyday of your period may feel unnecessary or too bulky depending on your activity. A liner is much more slimline but would need to be changed more frequently as it won’t absorb as much liquid as a period pad does. Our honest answer: Have some of both as neither is right nor wrong.


How do reusable pads and liners work?

 To put it quite simply, they work exactly the same as disposables, with an absorbent layer (but made from lovely soft fabrics instead of bleached pulp) and a waterproof outer layer made from recycled plastic, except once you've used them you throw them in the wash instead of in the bin!



The benefits of NORA reusable pads & liners:

⭐ Super comfy contoured slimline fit

⭐ 99% reduction in bacterial growth

⭐ Secured with poppers - keeping your pad secure

⭐ Easy to wash and reuse - just pop in your normal wash load, no need to wash separately!

⭐ Reduce your use of disposables


What are the benefits of using reusable period pads and liners?


Did you know, it is estimated that one person will use an average of 12,000 disposable sanitary products throughout their lifetime, producing 5 tonnes of waste. With the average disposable pad taking 500 years to breakdown in landfill, by using reusable period products, you are lowering your carbon footprint and the amount of disposable waste you produce.


As well as being more environmentally friendly, reusable period pads and liners are also better for you, as they contain no nasty chemicals so you can be confident you're not being exposed to any chemicals or carcinogens during your period.

And of course, we have to mention how utterly comfortable NORA period pads and liners are. We created our period wear to not only work to protect you from any leaks, but we also ensured that our pads and liners are super comfortable thanks to their slimline fit.


Where do I start?

The Reusable Try Me Pack is the perfect starting point, as it contains 4 different pads which will allow you to work out which one will work best for your individual flow - you'll also be saving 25% by purchasing as a pack rather than individually!


The NORA Reusable Try Me pack includes;

1 x Liner - 17cm

1 x Light - 19cm

1 x Moderate - 25cm

1 x Heavy - 29cm

1 x Period Pad Bag - perfect for storing your used pad and a fresh new pad as it has two separate compartments, making on the go changing a breeze!


If you're already an eco-pad lover but you haven't tried NORA, the Three Packs are ideal to top up your collection and get you started with your new favourite reusable period products (we're not biased at all, promise..)

 From pads, liners and cups, we have got you covered for a comfortable, sustainable and leak-free period. You can browse our full range here and get in touch with us hello@livebynora.com if you have any questions, we are always happy to help!