What are 5 ways to be more sustainable?

What are 5 ways to be more sustainable?

What are 5 ways to be more sustainable?

It can be tricky to know how you can personally do your bit for the planet, so we’ve broken it down into simple steps, from plastic free periods to growing your own food, we’re sharing our favourite 5 ways to be more sustainable that will not only help the planet but may also save you some pennies too.


1. Retire your dryer

Where you can, switching to using a clothes drying rack will not only help prolong the life of your clothes, it will also reduce your carbon footprint AND save you money.


2. Grow your own

Why not try growing some of your own fruits, herbs and vegetables? By growing your own, you will be helping reduce the carbon emissions that are created in supermarkets – the shipping and refrigerating of the food. And don’t fret if you don’t have a garden, there are plenty of herbs and veggies that can be grown on your windowsill!


3. Embrace slow fashion

Did you know, 85% of all textiles end up in landfill every single year? Try and buy less clothing, and if you do fancy treating yourself, shop second hand. There are amazing places to shop second hand fashion, such as Depop, Thrift +, Ebay and Vinted. You’re not only saving yourself money, your giving clothing items a second life!


4. Wave goodbye to single use items

There are so many reusable alternatives nowadays, a simple google search will allow you to find a reusable solution for any single use item you are wanting to replace. By using less single use items, you’re lessening your contribution to landfill and saving yourself money in the long run!


5. Have a plastic free period

The average pack of disposable period pads contains 4 carrier bags worth of plastic. And even scarier, it’s estimated that a disposable pad takes 500 years to breakdown, meaning it will be sat in landfill for a very long time. By switching to reusable period wear, you can have a single use plastic free period. NORA reusable period wear has been created to be washed and reused, with the period pants and pads lasting up to 10 years.


So there we have it, our top 5 ways to be more sustainable, and you can get started on our plastic free period tip right away – head over to livebynora.com to browse our reusable period wear and join us on our reusable mission!