Using a menstrual cup and pads

Using a menstrual cup and pads

We’re huge advocates for the menstrual cup here at NORA and this week saw them get a huge push into the mainstream spotlight. On zombie apocalypse spectacular The Last of Us, one of the main characters, Ellie, is delighted when she’s gifted a menstrual cup. Not surprising, as they’d be pretty handy when your local supermarket’s just been ravaged by zombies.

So, what are menstrual cups?

Basically, they’re the reusable alternative to tampons – you insert it into your vagina when you’ve got your period and it’ll collect menstrual blood for up to 6 hours at a time. NORA menstrual cups are made of medical grade silicone and have 2-3 times the capacity of a super tampon so you don’t need to worry about changing as often.

Sustainable saviours

Menstrual cups don’t just save you time and money; these environmental superstars also help to save the planet. By using a menstrual cup, you’re saving up to 3 years of disposable period products from going to landfill. Over the course of a year, a menstrual cup will have just 1.5% of the environmental impact disposables have. Superb!

Space saviours

Have you ever packed for a holiday and realised it coincides with your period arriving? Of course you have – it’s like they synch with your holiday calendar, right? …Just us? While it’s still annoying having to deal with your period on holiday, having a menstrual cup means that you don’ t need to pack bulky boxes of tampons or disposable pads and you can get away with booking less luggage. Take that, Ryanair!

Can I sleep with a menstrual cup in?

While menstrual cups are great for use during the day, they should only be kept in for 6 hours at a time. This means you can’t sleep with a menstrual cup in overnight. When you’re heading to bed, we recommend taking the menstrual cup out and cleaning it, ready for the next day. To make sure you’re still protected while you sleep, you could use a reusable pad instead. NORA reusable pads hold up to 8 super tampons worth of blood so they’re a great overnight option. You can check out our range of pads here.

Are menstrual cups for me?

It's worth noting that menstrual cups aren’t for everyone – if you’ve recently given birth or suffer from endometriosis, for example, you may find using just period pads more comfortable.

However, if you’re curious and think menstrual cups could work for you (or you think a zombie apocalypse is just round the corner), the best way to know is by doing some research and giving it a try. If you’re not sure, talk with your GP.

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