Reusable period wear care

Reusable period wear care

Just like any long-lasting relationship, a little TLC goes a long way.
Caring for your reusable NORA period wear means they’ll love you back for years; saving money and minimising the amount of disposable plastic waste you throw away.

We’ve put together a handy guide on how to keep your period wear in tip-top condition so you can get the most out of your reusable period wear collection:

Tip #1: Rinse & Rejoice

When it’s time to change (at least every 4-6 hours), the first thing you want to do is give your pants or pads a good rinse. Just use cold water and gently wash away any excess blood. Pro tip: If you're out and about, carrying a small wet bag in your purse can be a total game-changer. It keeps your used period wear separate from your clean pads/pants until you can give it a proper rinse at home.

Tip #2: Handle with Care

To ensure your Nora period wear stays in top-notch condition, treat them kindly. That means avoiding harsh scrubbing, twisting, or wringing. Gentle is the name of the game. After rinsing, just pop in the wash within 48 hours.

Tip #3: Beat it, heat

When laundry time arrives, the cool cycle is your friend. We’d recommend you wash NORA period wear at 30 degrees with a non-bio detergent for the best results. Pro tip: Leave out the fabric conditioner as it can impact on the performance of your period wear.

Tip #4: Feel the breeze

When it comes to drying, air is your best friend. Skip the tumble dryer if you can and let your period wear bask in a gentle breeze outside. Avoid leaving in direct sunlight for too long though, as it can affect the fabric's integrity. Alternatively, just hang them up on a clothes’ horse with your other laundry but don’t place on direct heat like radiators.

And there you have it! - Your ultimate guide to caring for your reusable period wear.

With a little love and attention, your reusable Nora products will keep you feeling fabulous cycle after cycle.

Remember, it's all about rinsing, washing within 48 hours and handling them with care; if you can manage this your reusable period wear will last you for years!

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