Period Pain - iykyk..😑

Period Pain - iykyk..😑

Period pain is a BORE.

Hands up if this is you at least once a month: comfiest pyjamas on, chocolate stash secured, paracetamol on hand. PMS, is that you?

We can’t argue that having a uterus doesn’t have its downsides. For those of us that get period pain, you’ll know the unmistakable feeling of your insides twisting around like a French braid – unfortunately that massive bag of Maltesers can only help so much.

When you need some relief from period pain, try our top three tips to help soothe the pain away:

 Apply Gentle Heat

You already know a big, long soak in a hot bath has magical healing powers, and this can be especially true when you’re experiencing period pain. You don’t always need to strip off though - applying a gentle heat in any form should help relax contracted muscles and melt away the pain.

We love heat pads for fairly instant relief and the good news is there’s one to suit every budget. From self-adhesive pads you can buy for less than a fiver to wearable devices that combine heat with a gentle massage, there’s something for everyone (we love this cute microwaveable pad from Etsy, though).

Get moving!

Swapping your comfy clothes for sports gear might feel like the last thing on your mind, but going for a stroll or doing some gentle yoga can do wonders for period pain. Movement helps with bloating and muscle soreness, while the endorphins released will give your mood a boost. Bonus!

Stress Less

Stress is a natural by-product of our lives. Studying, working, socialising, trying to be healthy and not feeling overwhelmed is a big ask. 

When we get stressed, our bodies respond in lots of ways. Did you know you get a heightened sensitivity to pain when you’re stressed? By carving out time to relax while you’re experiencing period pain, you’ll help alleviate your symptoms and feel calmer as a result:

  • Wind down with your favourite comedy series - laughter really is the best medicine.
  • Meditate - apps like Headspace and Calm are a great starting point.
  • Write it down – release any pent-up thoughts or worries by getting them on paper. Don’t worry too much about the wording or grammar; just getting it all out is the goal. You can throw it away after.

We hope you can manage period pain by using some of the tips here, but if you’ve tried everything and still experience painful periods, or you want to know which options will work best for you, talk to your GP.

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