Mythbusting with NORA: Common misconceptions about reusable period products

Mythbusting with NORA: Common misconceptions about reusable period products

Which ones have you heard?

We know that making the switch to eco-friendly alternatives can be daunting when you’ve been used to disposables. You might even have heard a ‘mis-truth’ or three – reusables are bulky, time consuming, expensive?

We’re about to debunk the myths around reusables and show you the real benefits so you can have a cheaper, healthier and more eco-friendly period!

Myth: "Reusable products are less hygienic."

Truth: Reusable period products are made from high-quality, breathable materials, reducing the risk of any irritation and odour. NORA's products are also designed to wick moisture away from your skin, keeping you fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Myth: "Washing reusable products is a hassle."

Truth: What could be easier than just popping them in the wash? Just add your used pads and pants to the rest of your wash with a non-bio detergent and away you go! NORA's period pants and pads come with care instructions that make washing a breeze, ensuring they're ready for use during your next cycle.

Myth: "Reusable products are bulky and uncomfortable."

Truth: Reusable period wear has come a long way! NORA's products are sleek, comfortable, and discreet, providing an excellent fit without compromising on leak-proof protection. Our pads are contoured to fit your body, while our period pants offer advanced absorbency technology for a stress-free experience.

Myth: "Reusable products are not as absorbent as disposables."

Truth: Reusable products are just as effective as their disposable counterparts, if not more so! Our products are made with highly absorbent and leak-proof materials, providing reliable protection without harmful chemicals found in traditional products.

Myth: "Using a menstrual cup is complicated."

Truth: Menstrual cups might seem intimidating at first, but they become incredibly easy to use with a little practice. NORA offers detailed instructions to guide you through the process, making the switch to a menstrual cup easy peasy.

Myth: "Reusable products are expensive."

Truth: While the initial cost may be higher than disposables, reusable products are a long-term investment that saves you money in the long run.

We understand the importance of affordability,however, and we’re offering a special Try-Me Pack for just £29.95 (previously £40.95), allowing you to find the perfect reusable pad for your needs without breaking the bank.

Say goodbye to myths and misconceptions and embrace the period revolution with NORA's reusable period products!

Our period pants, period pads, and menstrual cups are designed to provide ultimate comfort, protection, and peace of mind - all while reducing your environmental impact.

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