Meet our very first NORAdvocate

Meet our very first NORAdvocate

Meet Amy, a 23-year-old undergraduate at Glasgow School of Art studying Knitted Textiles. You might recognize her from her modelling stint with us last year, which led her to become a NORA convert. It seemed only natural for Amy to be our first-ever NORAdvocate featured in our new blog series where we chat with real people about their reusable period experiences.

We recently caught up with Amy during a break from prepping for her upcoming degree show, and here's what she had to say: 

Had you heard about washable period pants before becoming a model for NORA?  

Yes, I had but never tried them before. One of my friends at uni was using them and had been raving about them so I was quite excited to give them a go. I had used period cups before for about 3 years, so thought the idea of period pants was great.  

How did you find them? 

Before using them, I think I was unsure how comfy they would be! I thought they'd feel super bulky but they really don't. They are so comfy, you would never know you are wearing anything different to normal pants. I found period pants so much easier and haven’t gone back to cups really, unless I’m out in a bikini, I’d use my cup then.

Sometimes I'd forget about my period cup and wonder how long I had it in for, you don’t have that with your pants. I like that there is no need to empty the cup and it feels more natural as putting on a pair of pants is normal part of my daily routine.   

What is a typical day like on your period with reusables? 

Get up, put on a pair of my NORA bikinis, get on with my day as normal and change into the boxers at evening for bedtime.  

Do you ever get any leaks? 

No, never, I don’t have heavy periods though.  

What do you have in your stash? 

3 bikini and 3 shorts, I tend to bleed for 3 to 4 days and that does me for a period cycle.   

Do you have a favourite style? 

Hmmm, no not really, I love them both. I find it depends on what I’m wearing although I always sleep in the boxers, they are so comfy and great overnight.  

Do you find them more convenient than tampons?  

For sure, even not having to use a bathroom bin and emptying that, or stressed about how long you have them in for (compared to cups and tampons) forgetting. I like that they never run out, I’m always equipped.  

What about washing etc.? 

I give them a rinse when I take them off and a quick wring out and store them with the rest of my dirty laundry. I wash with rest of clothes on a normal cycle,( I don’t use any special powder or anything) then hang up to dry, its easy. I live in a student flat share so we don’t have a garden so I always dry them indoors. 

Have you ever had any negative reactions from others? 

No never. I remember telling my granny all about cups when she asked what I was doing when I boiled my period cup. Then when I told her about the pants she was super impressed and told me she wished they had them when she was younger. 

What do you feel is the biggest benefit to you in using reusables? 

I love that I’m not creating waste on my period. I’m quite eco-conscious and always felt bad about waste. It also gives me comfort and peace of mind as I’m not inserting a foreign body into me and worrying about bleached cotton fibres etc.  That is quite important to me too.  

What advice would you give to others?

Go for NORAs but if you are at all worried about leaks have a cup as back up. Also be proud, I often wear low rise trousers and love having my wee NORA logo sticking out. 


If Amy's experience has sparked your interest, why not give NORA reusable period wear a try? We have discounted trial packs to help you on your way. By making the switch, you'll not only reduce waste but also enjoy a more comfortable, convenient, and eco-friendly period experience. Or if you are already using NORA and keen to share your experience to encourage others to make the switch, get in touch - we’d love to hear from you!