Lucy’s Review of reusable sanitary pads

Lucy’s Review of reusable sanitary pads


Lucy made the switch to reusable sanitary pads earlier this year, here she tells us all why and also shares her experience with them so far:

After being recommended by my doctor that I shouldn’t use tampons during my cycle to avoid any unnecessary irritation, I did some research and was appalled to see the list of chemicals, ingredients involved in manufacturing tampons. It was at that point I decided to try biodegradable natural and organic cotton products. Whilst I’d gotten rid of the unwanted consequences from my tampon use, I was still sending them landfill and this was bothering me. The cost of these products was high too, compared using the non-fair trade and less natural products, I was spending/throwing away around £10+ per month. It was crazy really when I thought about it. It was time to move away from throwaways.

My sister recommended Bloom and Nora (now NORA) reusable sanitary pads to me; she had already made the switch and loved hers. I was a little nervous to try them out as my period comes with a vengeance and I have always had trouble finding products that can withstand it. I decided to give the trial kit a go as I decided for the amount I was spending each month, it was worth taking the risk and I had nothing to lose. 

When my new reusable sanitary pads arrived I must admit I wasn’t convinced they were going to be up to the challenge, they are slim-line and I couldn’t work out how they would hold the liquid without leaking through onto my clothes! I was so wrong! I am so impressed, they are incredible! The fit is great and so much more comfortable than disposable pads. The absorbency and stay dry layer on the Noras is fab; these quickly became my favourites!

I love that they will save thousands of sanitary products from landfill whilst saving me money in the long run, plus my periods are much less irritating now, which is the best part for me. I feel like gifting reusable sanitary pads to all the girls I know as I wish I had been introduced to these when I was a teen, they are totally awesome!

Lucy bought the mixed trial kit for her period, it works great for a heavy period which lasts 4-5 days a month. Her favourite pad is a Nora midi.

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Editors note:  This article was originally posted on Bloom & Nora.  It was a great article so we decided to bring it across to NORA.  We hope it helps inform and help!