Don’t despair about discharge – here’s the reusable liner solution

Don’t despair about discharge – here’s the reusable liner solution

Trust our reusable liners to protect your pants - and keep you feeling fresh.

When your period’s due, it can be easy to forget about all the other times your body does a thing.

Vaginal discharge (also known as leukorrhea) is a normal part of your menstrual cycle.

Discharge is mostly made up of cervical mucus, but it also contains cells that have been shed from inside your uterus, dead skin cells from around these organs...and plenty more!

Having a reusable liner handy can help protect your pants from staining and keep you feeling dry.

You might notice your discharge changes as you get older or have kids.

This is normal because it can help protect your body from infections or STIs.

When you're a teen, your discharge can be thick and sticky. This is normal for teens because their bodies are still developing.

If you're older and have kids you might notice that the amount of vaginal discharge varies from month to month. This is also totally normal!

Discharge can come in different colours

The colour of your discharge can change over time as you get older and throughout the month.

During your your menstrual cycle, it can go from clear (not menstruating) to white at midcycle (just before ovulation) to yellowish after ovulation until your period begins again.

Discharge is normal and healthy for most people, but there are some things you can do to stay healthy and clean

  • Use reusable liners to keep your underwear clean.
  • Avoid using tampons before your period. Tampons can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and they can irritate the lining of your vagina.
  • Wash your hands frequently throughout the day--especially after using the toilet


We hope this article helped you understand what discharge is and why it's important. If you have questions or concerns about your own discharge, we recommend talking with your GP.

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