A beginners guide to period pants: How do they work?

A beginners guide to period pants: How do they work?

If you’re wanting to learn more about period pants, how they work and why they are worth making the switch to – you’ve come to the right place. Our handy beginners guide to period pants will answer any questions you may have, and ultimately lead you to choosing the perfect pair of period pants for you.

According to WEN, 2 billion disposable sanitary items are flushed down toilets in the UK every single year. Disposable products are a massive contributor to our global waste problem, and although these issues are not on the shoulders of just one individual, by switching to reusable alternatives, you are personally lessening your own carbon footprint.

Reusable period products quite simply work the exact same way as disposables, except you throw them in the wash after use rather than in the bin. NORA reusable period pads and period pants last up to 10 years, which means you can wave goodbye to that monthly spend on menstrual products.


What are period pants?

Period pants are quite literally pants that also absorb period blood. Period pants contain absorbent layers in the gusset of the pants which absorbs period blood. NORA period pants have a 1 way wicking layer, meaning that period blood can be absorbed whilst keeping any moisture away from your skin. They also have a waterproof barrier which means no leaking, so you can rest assured you are protected whilst wearing them.


How do they work?

NORA period pants work in a similar way to period pads, with a hidden absorbent layer to soak away the blood, and the stay dry layer keeping it tucked away in the core layer to keep you feeling dry all day. You just wash and reuse them. They’re designed with different absorbency levels so you can wear them day or night. Our wearer trial feedback was unanimous with all the testers saying they were happy to wear overnight and for long periods of time, even during their heaviest flow.  


How often do I have to change them?

You can wear your NORA period pants comfortably for up to 8 hours including overnight. Simply pop on a new pair in the morning for the day ahead!


How do I wash them?

Just give them a quick rinse in cold water after use, store them in our waterproof reusable bag, then wash them at 30 degrees with non-bio powder and no fabric softener. Wash them within 48 hours to keep them in good condition.


Can I wash my period pants with other things?

You absolutely can! Just throw them in your usual wash and split out colours, whites etc as you normally would.


What is the right style for me?

This is very much down to personal preference and your flow. We’d recommend trying your usual style of pant. 

Many people may prefer to wear the full brief on heavy days and overnight as they are such a snug and comfortable design to see you through the night. 


Do period pants smell?

No they don’t smell, as long as you wash and care for them correctly they do not retain any odour nor do they smell whilst wearing them on your period. They work the exact same way as a disposable pad does therefore you shouldn’t worry that any smells would be there by switching to a reusable alternative!


What is the right absorbency for me?

Only you know your flow and the stages of your cycle, so we’d recommend having a variety of absorbencies to match how much you’re bleeding from day to day. Here’s some useful information that tells you how much blood each absorbency holds as well as the tampon/pad equivalent. 

  • Bikini Light - Holds up to 30ml blood/3 x mini tampons or 2 x light pads
  • Bikini Moderate - Holds up to 70ml blood/7 x regular tampons or 2 x regular pads
  • Short Light - Holds up to 35ml blood/3 x mini tampons or 2 x light pads
  • Short Moderate - Holds up to 75ml blood/7 x regular tampons or 2 x regular pads
  • Short Heavy - Holds up to 100ml blood/10 x heavy/super tampons or 3 x heavy pads
  • Full Brief Moderate - Holds up to 80ml blood/8 x regular tampons or 2 x regular pads
  • Full Brief Heavy - Holds up to 115ml blood/10 x heavy/super tampons or 3 x heavy pads


How many pairs of NORA period pants do I need?

If you opt for just using period pants, 8-10 pairs will see you through your cycle but this will depend on how many times a day you change them and how often you wash them. 


 Can I use pads in my period pants?

Yes you can! To prolong wearing your pants, if you have a long day out for example, you can pop a NORA reusable pad on in the morning then once you feel it has reached its capacity, removed the pad and just wear your pants for the rest of the day, or until you feel it is time to change. You can also wear your pants with a period cup as back up against unexpected leaks. 

So there we have it! Your guide to reusable period pants, we hope that’s answered any burning questions you had and you now feel ready to get started on your period pants journey.

The NORA period pants come in 2 different colour ways; black or latte print, three different absorbencies (Light, Moderate or Heavy) and are available in 3 different styles; Bikini, Shorts or Full Brief. Head over to livebynora.com to shop reusable period pants, make your next period the comfiest one yet!